August 25, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away!

Just kidding! We need this rain so much, everything I planted or potted this summer has died! Anyway, this rain has given me the chance to play on the computer!! =) Although I should be crafting... Oh Well lol!

I was checking out the swap between, Donna ( and Becky at ( what a GREAT swap!! Lucky girls got some really cute stuff! I love doing swaps I have been blessed with fantastic swap partners!! I have gotten some beautiful things!

Reviewing the swaps I reminded me of a story about my best friend and I, We both have children and husbands and are SAHM's and we like to be able to swap gifts at Christmas! One particular year money had been really tight, so we found a neat solution! We decided that we would each have a $10.00 budget and had to buy 10 dollar store items or any other cheap items thrift shop yard sale etc..!! We had a blast searching everywhere for gifts and trying to find the best and cutest gifts for 1.00 or less lol! We put all the gifts in boxes and met to swap and it was SO SO much fun and exciting and interesting it was one of the neatest things I had ever done! It has been more than 6 yrs since then and we have stuck with this since then because it was so much fun and we loved it! After all it's not the money that counts it is the thought! =)
Thought I'd Share!

Well I am off to craft....Hopefully!



Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

We had record rainfall this summer. I emptied my patio pots a couple weeks ago. Our garden died as well.
There's always next year!

Janice said...

I wish we had the rain! We have had a very dry year which caused my town to put up a water ban.. So, nothing outside could get water and everything died from lack of water and burnt by the sun =(! I am kinda excited for the cool weather and fall to come I will miss the summer but, it will come again!

dee begg said...

It's been a really hot and dry summer here as well. I have spent most of my summer mornings watering the new perennial bed I put in May...who knew it would be so dry and hot then? Our tomatoes did great til we started getting rain recently...guess from all the watering I was doing.

Love you dollar store idea for gifts...not that I am a cheapy or anything but it would be the hunt that would be the fun part of it all. I love hunting for treasures to paint on that costs very little.

Have a crafty day.


Janice said...

It is the hunt and it goes all year becasue as soon as it is over I am looking for different ideas! We can buy from anywhere it just has to be $10.00 and we like to keep it with it being 10 gifts as well. If we happen to find some things at yard sales for 25c or 50C even better we are like SCORE!!! I talk to her almost daily and we love to tease each other "OMG I found the coolest thing for our swap" it is so much fun!! It's like a big grab bag!!


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