August 29, 2010

Good Bye Weekend!!

Well, the weekend is over it's always bittersweet! This weekend it was very much welcomed I have reason to celebrate Monday, it is back to school for the kids!! I had such a productive weekend though, I crafted and painted and sold some things on eBay!! I also opened an Artfire shop and I am still trying to figure that whole site out so I only listed one thing lol! As I said in a previous post I was going to clean out some inventory well, I got most of it listed on Etsy and on eBay I did a bunch of Ooops Auction items for .99c to liquidate some of the items and a few others for really cheap! I have to get the rest listed when I can find some more time! I still have more to pick up from my Mother's house Ugh! If you wanna check out the new stuff on Etsy here is the link --> and eBay is there is some cute stuff on both! I will have the link soon from the Artfire site when I figure out how to navigate the site it's slightly more confusing than Etsy or eBay! Well I hope you all had a great weekend and a have a happy Monday!

((Hugs)) ~ Jan

P.S. The kittens are doing great!! Here They Are!!


Donna said...

AWWW Look at those lil furbabys!! And I am glad you had such a great weekend. Hope you get lots more sales Jan!! TTU Soon hon!!

Prim2Pink said...

Glad you had a great weekend!
I desperately need to get in my craftroom and do some organizing and putting things up for sale. Now that canning season is winding down and the grandkids are all in school, I should be able to get some of the things on my very long "To Do List" done.
Good luck on your sales!
Little kitties are so adorable when they are young.
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I can use all the encouragment.

peggy said...

hi Janice, it's so nice to meet you. I have been away from the computer all week and was so happy to find a new visitor. I can see we like the same things and I hope you are having lots of sales on etsy. I'll be visiting more when my dog sitting ends but I will miss them too. Best wishes for a great holiday weekend.

Donna said...

OHHHHHHHHHHHHH JAN !!! I LOVE YOUR BLOG COLORS NOW HON!!! Much easier on the eyes. I hope I did'nt upset you when I told you I was haveing a hard time reading it before? I just thought I needed to be honest,,,it may have just been my eyes... But this is wonderful!! And I certainly hope you did'nt change it just because I could'nt see it?It's your Blog you should have it the way You like it!!!It's not for any of us to say!! Hugs.. and have a great day!!! ... D

Janice said...


I was not offended in any way it was an nice background but I couldn't get the colors to work right and I wasn't paticular to the way it loaded. I like my new one now and it looks more organized! Plus u can come visit too!! ~Jan


Hello and very nice to meet you too!! Good Luck with your dog sitting I hope to see you again soon!! =)



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