April 2, 2011

Show Me Your Fugly Furniture!

Do You Have Something That Looks Like This?

I know we all have a piece or several pieces!!
That piece of furniture that you hide away from the site of everyone!
You know, the one with the slip cover or the table cloth on it....Ya that one!!
We want to see it!!
I want you to proudly display it on your blog for all to see!
(That is without the coverings on it!!)

We always proudly display our BEST pieces so why not our WORST!! LOL

The uglier the better and even better if you share more than one!
I also ask that you share a story about your ugly piece!
Where you got it?
Why you keep it?
Where do you keep it?
What do you hide it with?

Who knows maybe we can all get some advice
on how to redo our ugly pieces!

Anyone who wishes to join, just blog about your
ugliest piece or pieces of furniture!
Then come here and comment with a link to your blog post!
On April 15th I will close this and share mine and all your ugly furniture
and we will have a vote for the ugliest one!
The winner will get a prize from me!
Simple right!

Come Join The Fun!


P.S.~ Add to your side bars so your friends can join too!


Prim2Pink said...

Where do you come up with such good ideas?!!
I have a couple of pieces that I could uncover(just long enough to get a picture though).

Kevin said...

Thank you for such a wonderful post. I enjoyed every bit of it.childrens furniture

Janice said...

Kevin, I am glad you liked it! =)


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