March 22, 2011

A New Blog

Hello All,

I started a new blog for the other side of me,
the un-prim side or as I like to call it my lighter side!
You don't have to follow as it is not a "prim" blog it is strictly up to you.
I just thought I would share in case some of you want to get to know my other side!
I have a whole 1 follower and 2 posts LOL!!

((HUGS)) ~ Jan


Debbie said...

I am already a follower sister! *hugs*

Hillcresthome Prims said...

I am a follower as well and I am a Prim Pal sister!
I love you new blog and the new look!I also went down a post and i love the mug that says Jan and the colored flowers, AWESOME goodies!!!!

I will be back for sure!
Spring Blessings ,
Tricia XOXO

Falling Leaf Woodworkers and Primitives said...

Just became a follower of your other blog... love the dumpster diving post... I am a dump rat... always picking at the woodpile of the dump, some really great stuff gets left there.
I am looking forward to your new blog.


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