February 9, 2011

Spring Swap At PrimPals

We all know that everyone is ready for spring, so we figured why not do a spring themed swap!!
This is a spring swap not easter, an easter one will follow later!
It will consist of 3 items, 1 fabric item and 2 wild card items of your choice
as long as they are Spring themed. You can do more if you choose but you do not have to!
Think of all the fun this will be, what a way to rid those winter blues!!

Sign Ups Taken Until February 25th and then partners will be sent out!
You will have until March 15th to mail your package to your partner with delivery conformation!

Or e-mail me for more information @ primouthouse@gmail.com
Use "Swap Info" as your subject!!

Come Join The Fun!!
((HUGS)) ~Jan

1 comment:

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

Woohoo!! Hmmmm what can I make LOL!


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