January 1, 2011

Happy 2011 and Hutch Makeover!

I hope 2011 treats us all well, and if not we all have our blogging friends to lean on!

 I spent last night in chat with some of the forum girls (we all have no lives yes we know lol)

Anyway, we got to talking about decorating and

Karen at The Barely There Primitive Bear was saying

we should just re-do the furniture we have...sooo I did!

I was checking out her hutch pictures and started looking at some on line and figured


Well, today it was in the 50's here so,

I dragged the hutch out side and sanded it and re-did the whole thing!!

I think it came out pretty good, if I do say so myself. =)

Thank you Karen for the kick in the butt lol!!

Thank you also to who ever said in chat

"What you do on New Years Day sets what you will do all year",

I thought that I would do something productive,
maybe I will have these days all year lol!

Anyway, onto the pictures: It is not complete I need advice for bottom piece...

On the doors where the holes are should I:

1) Curtains

2) New Wood

3) Chicken Wire

4) Any other ideas?

I also need knobs on it as well oh ya and,

maybe some decorations would be nice too lol!

 ^ A little to cutesy country for me!
 Much Better!!
^ Now for this decision, Mmmmm!!
Thanks For Looking!



Linda ★ Parker's Paradise said...

Punched tin would work as well but I think I would use a spring like on an old screen door and use some distressed homespun. And knobs? I may be stuck in the day, but I still like white porcelain---or ivory.
It looks great! Big improvement.....

Debbie said...

It was so much fun chatting last night! I love spending time with my sisters! *hugs* The hutch looks great! Maybe some chicken wire and curtains behind it???? I am not good at that sort of thing but it looks nice in my head. lol

Love ya Jan!


Karen~The Barely There Primitive Bear said...

I would put some screen in there or see
look for some tin punch panels. It looks
great, Jan you did a wonderful job on it!
Happy New Year!

Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

cottageprims said...

I would use screen or chicken wire.I like brushed pewter or aged bronze knobs easily found at Lowes.Girl it looks really good.Wonderful way to kick off the New Year! Warm Blessings!~Amy
P.S. Love the new look on your blog the pink and brown look nice for Valentines.Reminds me of being girly and chocolates.LoL...

NancyW said...

I like the idea of chicken wire to show off some of your favorite big pieces if you have any and for the knobs, I like the aged bronze with the black. I am sure whatever you choose will look nice as you got it this far.

Sheila said...

Wow Jan! I love the new look! So much nicer than the green (I have to much of it myself and need to make some changes!) I think the chicken wire would look great myself.
Looks like everyone is getting ready for Valentines day on their blogs-I better go check out some new backgrounds and get moving!

Donna~One Simple Country Girl said...

I like the chicken wire idea or some homespun fabric would look great too. For knobs, I'd go with wooden stained to match the inside. It looks great and you did an awesome job on it! I really enjoy our chat nights too! Y'all never fail to make me laugh!

Primsue said...

Great job on your makeover. Any of your ideas for the doors are good - it just depends on whether or not you want to be able to see what is inside.

Have a Blessed New Year!

Carol said...

Oh good for you Jan! It looks great! I like these gal's ideas. Ah, your new prim rolling pin sleeve will go great with the new do. Okay, what's next?

Holli~Where The Rooster Crows said...

It was me that said *What you do on New Years Day you do all Year*!! Great job! I would go with chicken wire orrrrr if you can get your hands on it old tin ceiling tiles that are rusted and prim would look awesome!

Donna said...

I think Chicken Wire would look awesome Jan!!

Angie Berry said...

Awesome makeover, I love it! Glad Karen gave you a kick in the rear, haha! Her hutch makeover was wonderful too.


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